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  • When you want or need to make a difference a 3D Virtua fly though is a very strong way to accomplish that. Matching the right presentation to the right client and their needs is important…Phil and the 3D Virtua team can handle the job.

    Jim Farnham, General Manager
    TechnoGym Australia

  • I would like to congratulate you & the team on the amazing result, it is absolutely perfect. Really great! Again, thanks very much, it is a pleasure to work with professionals like you

    Maria Lemonidou, Marketing Director

  • I’ve both known, & worked with the designers at 3D Virtua for years. These guys do outstanding work, on-time, and at very competitive prices. I highly recommend their services

    H. Baldwin, Director
    Baldwin Projx Philippines

  • Phil & the team at 3D Virtua managed our project with absolute professionalism & commitment.

    The process was surprisingly simple & the end product was unbelievable. The attention to detail & the accuracy greatly exceeded our expectations. I have no hesitation in recommending this service

    J. Fuller, Director

  • Just wanted to thank you for the 3D walk-through. It has been a huge success. I would say that this marketing tool is a must for all franchisees. Without we certainly wouldn’t be opening with 550+ members.

    R. Gilbert, Owner
    Snap Fitness Kingaroy

Based in Brisbane, Australia, 3D Virtua specialises in architectural and fitness club 3D visualisations, rendering and animation.

Since 2002 the team at 3D Virtua have been providing high quality 3D images and 3D walk-through’s to clients around the world including Spain, UK, Italy, Portugal, Africa, New Zealand, Dubai and Australia.

Our success to date can be attributed to a few key qualities:

- quality work by skilled staff who understand plans, concept and composition;

- competitive on price;

- flexability and efficient turn-around times;

- the latest software and hardware, in-house.

Services What We Do

3D Fly-Throughs and Animations

It can be invaluable to visualise a development before construction for many reasons. Scale and Fit out, Colours, Equipment (for fitness clubs), DA approvals and many other reasons.

At 3D Virtua we provide your product in a 3D environment to scale with correct representation of colours and lighting. Our 3D comes as either Photo Realistic or conceptual (for DA approvals and the like).

Our Team can take any 3D model, floor plan or hand drawn design and turn it into a 3d project that will turn heads. From professionally drafted architectural designs, to hand drawn concepts, if you can visualise it we can create it.

Fly-Throughs and Animations can be invaluable when pitching a project or trying to visualise an end result and all that it entails.

3D Photo Realistic Stills

3D Stills  can be a more cost effective way to portray your product or environment in 3D. At 3D Virtua we have extensive libraries of 3D models to fit out any architectural or fitness based images. Photo Realistic Stills are an excellent way to display a product or idea in hard copy, or to illustrate a project without having to sit through a video.

3D Conceptual Imagery

Conceptual Imagery Is a way to get a 3D representation of your idea or product within the smallest time frame for the best price. Conceptual images are great for DA approvals, product representation and to simply see what your idea will look like for a reasonable price.

3D Panoramas

Panoramas are a superb way to display the scale of an environment and show how elements work within it. Similar to stills Panoramas take the image one step further and allow the viewer to interact within the 3D environment. Panoramas are a way to create the feeling of standing in the space and looking around.

3D Floor Plans

3D Floor Plans can illustrate a building or development for advertising or conceptualisation. These plans are a great way to portray how products fit in a space so that everyday people can understand.

2D Floor Plans

2D Floor Plans are a fast, light on the pocket way to see a representation of your environment. These can be created as highly detailed textured images containing room sizing and furniture to display a representative scale. A very cost effective way to advertise a space for residential or commercial letting.

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About Company Biography

About our business model

At 3D Virtua, we turned the traditional design studio model on it’s head – for you!

We stripped back the layers that all add to the pricing. Here’s what we did:

Back in 2005/2006 we dropped the need for CBD located office space or trendy up-market studio locations. This meant we removed the lease expense of this type of location and the need for reception space and staff, large meeting rooms, parking spaces, coffee machines, lolly jars and the latest “must-have” furnishings and art works just to impress. We did it because most of the above added nothing to the quality of the end result, and if we have to pay for it, then so do you.

We adapted, and by doing so also found that we can work with clients interstate or internationally without the need for meetings and constant face-to-face because modern communication achieves the same. This saves us time, which also saves you time, and money.

We maintained productive skilled staff so you get quality results. The above steps might sound like a downsizing but the fact is we have the same staff numbers today. This is our main asset – qualified staff who are able to understand your plans and convert the often incomprehensable CAD format into an engaging and quality visualisation, on time, and at the quality you expect.

Our model works. Although the GFC began in late 2007, our sales and turn-over continued to grow whilst other 3D studios suffered or closed doors. This only happens if our clients are receiving good service, competitive pricing, and quality visualisations.

Over 90% of our business comes from referrals and word of mouth!

About our department heads


Phil Glenn is the director and will more than likely be the first person you’ll deal with for your projects. Phil has an extensive background in design and marketing as well as a unique understanding and connection with the fitness industry. As well as the day to day running of the business Phil also maintains a hands-on approach to client management and design direction.

Head of 3D Design

Luke Cumpstay leads the 3D design department and has a wealth of experience in architectural visualisation. Luke has been with 3D Virtua for some years and continues to develop the quality and systems of this department, and as head designer oversees aspects of every 3D project.


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